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"... we cannot believe what we have been missing!"

Just wanted to let you know that we love our new x-ray! It is the only option for our guinea pig dental x-rays, we cannot believe what we have been missing! Intra operatively it is great as we do not have to move the patient.

Dr Narelle Walter
Melbourne Rabbit clinic.
"Happy to no longer have dental films and tape getting stuck ..."

We are enjoying using the CR7. Getting some great images both for dentals and some orthopaedics.
Happy to no longer have dental films and tape getting stuck on the rollers of our automatic processor!

DR Hugh Hasselman
VetSouth, Gore, New Zealand
"... there is no reason for any Veterinary Hospital not to be doing dental radiography"

After trying several dental X-ray systems I have found the simplicity and ease of use of the Genoray Port X-II combined with the CR-7 to be far superior than the others. Quality of radiographs comes close to our full sized general CR radiography system and the software is much less "clunky" than other systems. Not only do the high, high quality dental radiographs produced help in treatment decisions it greatly reinforces to the clients why we need to do the procedure in the first place. With this system now available and with the great support from iM3 there is no reason for any Veterinary Hospital not to be doing dental radiography.


Dr Brad Garlick,
Asquith Veterinary Clinic, Sydney
" It dramatically improves the quality of dentistry ..."

Dental X-ray is now really a minimum standard of care in Veterinary practice. The CR-7 is simple to use and delivers excellent quality, high resolution images. It dramatically improves the quality of dentistry you can provide, especially in cats, and improves patient’s quality of life. It’s amazing what you'll see when you start looking beneath the gum line and within the teeth themselves.


Dr Ashley Young,
Better Pet Vets, Mackay, QLD
"... it is definitely paying for itself."

After seeing the CR7 in action at a Vet Prac workshop I was amazed at what it could do and what information you can get. It has taken a few months to get working but it is now part of our day to day dental practice. Clients love the images and it is definitely paying for itself.

Dr Geoff Golovsky
Vet HQ, Double Bay NSW
"... I am taking less retakes with the
CR7 Vet ..."

I am a veterinarian and a dentist who has practised for 22 years in veterinary dentistry and for 14 years as a human dentist.
I have had experience with all of the past and present radiographic equipment and techniques available for imaging the oral cavity of both small animals and man. I have used a number of DR systems in the past, both in veterinary and human practice (Schick, Sirona, Kodak and Genoray), but I would have to say that the results and image quality that I am getting with the Durr CR7 Vet are the best so far.

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"In der Regel ist aber das erste Bild schon perfekt ..."

Zahnröntgen in der Tierarztpraxis

DÜRR MEDICAL hat mit dem CR 7 VET eine einzigartige Lösung für das Zahnröntgen in der Tiermedizin vorgestellt. Seit einigen Tagen haben wir diese neueste Entwicklung nun in unserer Klinik im Einsatz und sind voll des Lobes ...

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"... we generated
US $ 40.000 with
dental radiographs."

I am a veterinary dentist and I have worked in this field since 1996. Since 2009 I am working fulltime with veterinary dentistry.
I have been using various DR system for the last 10 years. I purchased my first DR, MPDX, in 2001. In 2006 I upgraded to Sirona Sidexis DR system Generation 1.53. I was quite satisfied with this system, but I really missed the flexibility with various sensor sizes.
I purchased the CR7 Vet in December 2010 because the great variety of phosphorus plate sizes and the great detailed quality of the radiographs convinced me that this is the ultimate system.

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