I am a veterinary dentist and I have worked in this field since 1996. Since 2009 I am working fulltime with veterinary dentistry.

I have been using various DR system for the last 10 years. I purchased my first DR, MPDX, in 2001. In 2006 I upgraded to Sirona Sidexis DR system Generation 1.53. I was quite satisfied with this system, but I really missed the flexibility with various sensor sizes.

I purchased the CR7 Vet in December 2010 because the great variety of phosphorus plate sizes and the great detailed quality of the radiographs convinced me that this is the ultimate system.

The phosphorus plates are easier to position in the mouth than the more bulky DR sensor and and it gives much higher details of radiographs. I have to take less retakes because the variety of sensors allow me to choose the right size for the particular patient and the particular tooth. Especially the size 4 plate is nice to have when taking radiograph of canines in large breed dogs and it is also ideal for scull radiographs of rabbit and rodents, even for TMJ in cats it is a perfect size. The size 0 plates is suitable for mandibular premolars and molar in small breed dogs and cats.

My staff finds the use of CR7 much easier regarding taking good diagnostic radiographs compared to the DR system.

It took us two months in use before the new CR7 Vet was paid off. The 10 first months of 2011 we generated US $ 40.000 with dental radiographs.

CR7 Vet is reliable, fast, easy to use and provides excellent quality of details in radiographs.

I can truly recommend this system to anyone involved in veterinary dentistry

Sigbjørn H. Storli

Dr. Sigbjorn H. Storli
Lörenskog Dyreklinikk
Solheimveien 91 F
N-1473 Lörenskog