I am a veterinarian and a dentist who has practised for 22 years in veterinary dentistry and for 14 years as a human dentist.

I have had experience with all of the past and present radiographic equipment and techniques available for imaging the oral cavity of both small animals and man. I have used a number of DR systems in the past, both in veterinary and human practice (Schick, Sirona, Kodak and Genoray), but I would have to say that the results and image quality that I am getting with the Durr CR7 Vet are the best so far. The advantages of the Durr CR7 Vet over other DR systems when used in the veterinary environment include a unique range of plate sizes from size 0 up to size 4, which covers all pets from small to large. There is even an intraoral plate for rabbits. I am finding that I am taking less retakes with the CR7 Vet because now I can get the area of interest within the field of the appropriately sized plate. If I am dealing with a cat or small dog, size 0 is ideal. For larger dogs, you cannot go past using the size 4 occlusal plate for the canine teeth. The plates are also flexible and thin which makes placement in the mouth easier than a CCD sensor. The image quality is as good as any I have seen and this was another reason for purchasing the unit. The CR7 Vet software is also user friendly and is easy to learn.

The other big advantage of the CR7 Vet over other systems is the minimal cost of replacing the plates. If a CCD sensor is dropped or damaged, you could be up for thousands of dollars to replace it. The cost of CR7 plates is less than a couple of hundred dollars. This was another big consideration for me when I was looking at a new dental radiography system for my practice.

Overall, I have been extremely happy with my purchase and my clients are appreciating the ability to see quality radiographic images of their pet on the computer monitor. Mated to this is the image manipulation software and this is allowing me to offer an even better service and further dental education for my clients.

Dr. Anthony Caiafa BVSc BDSc MACVSc (SA Surgery and Veterinary Dentistry)

Associate Professor
Anthony Caiafa
North Coast Veterinary Specialists
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