CR 35 VETwin New Product Innovation Leadership Award

2014 Global Veterinary Computed Radiography

New Product Innovation Leadership Award

Today, most veterinary practices that process digital images are focused on whole body imaging. However, with the increasing awareness of dental care need, even for animals, they are faced with the need for additional capital expenditures for a separate digital scanner targeted for high resolution dental images. Also, in a part of the market, smaller veterinary practices may have to refer patients out for dental imaging needs creating workflow inefficiencies and longer wait times to diagnosis.

The launch of DÜRR MEDICAL’s “CR 35 VETwin” is set to change the current scenario and fulfill a need for a single scanner which can perform both types of scans at high contrast (whole body images) and high resolution (intraoral dental images). There are competitive products which can be retrofitted to also do intraoral imaging, but none of them were built with the purpose of being a single scanner with the capability of doing both, intra and extraoral scans, with optimized image quality.

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