CR 35 VETwin

ALL IN ONE Image Plate Scanner



DualFoc technology
CR 35 VETwin - Dental & Full body imaging in one digital cr system


CR 35 VETwin - New Product Innovation Leadership Award


CR 35 VETwin - Mobile CR system VET - Lightest full format scanner on the veterniary digital radiography market


Awarded technology proven
in more than 25.000 units


The lightest full format
scanner on the market


Significant reduction of consumables

Dental Imaging

High resolution images
for best diagnosis

Wireless LAN

Wireless connection
to the network

Leading technology for High Definition Images

4,3" HD-Display

What is DualFoc technology?

Normally, image plate scanners only have a fixed laser beam diameter for capturing data from image plates. With the new DualFoc technology from DÜRR MEDICAL, new optics make it possible for the first time to set two different laser beam diameters within the same scanner.

What is the advantage?

Unlike all other devices on the market, the CR 35 VETwin is the only scanner fully utilizing the properties of both intraoral and extraoral image plates. Being limited to just one fixed laser beam diameter for scanning the image plate means you are forced to find a compromise between high resolution and low signal noise. Through the use of two different foci, it becomes possible for the first time, to define perfect parameters both for high-resolution intraoral plates and for the plates generally used for full-body images.

The operating principle

High resolution blue image plates for dental radiography are scanned automatically with a laser beam focused to 12.5 µm (25 lp/mm). This way images of unrivaled quality are created.

When conventional image plates are used for non-dental radiography, the laser beam diameter is focused to 50 µm (10 lp/mm), which guarantees brilliant low-noise images with high contrast for best diagnosis.
High resolution image plate for dental x-ray

Conventional image plate for full body x-ray

Remote operation without PC or Laptop

Selection of body region

Species and body region can be easily selected via clear pictograms.



After the imaging plate has been scanned, a preview is shown on the display.


Image processing

For further processing on the PC,
the image can be stored on a SD memory card with up to 32 GB.


Impressive functions in a single device

CR 35 VETwin - Full color touch display
4,3" HD-Display

- High resolution(800 x 480 px)
- Full color display
- Touch functionality
- With own stylus
CR 35 VETwin - Built-in Mini-PC
Built-in mini-PC

In combination with the built-in mini-PC, the high resolution full-color display, integrated into the housing, allows to operate the device fully independently.
CR 35 VETwin - Wireless connection to the network

The on board W-Lan adapter allows to connect the device with the network in no time.

Connection via Ethernet cable also possible.
CR 35 VETwin - SDHC memory card
SDHC memory card

A SDHC memory card with up to 32 GB may
be used to save all images taken while offline.

The SDHC memory card acts as a back-up
solution also, in case of network failures.

Provides enough space to Save up to 4096 images with the resolution 1400 x 1700 Pixels
CR 35 VETwin - lightweight mobile cr system for vet
Full mobility

Weighing just 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs) the CR 35 VETwin
is the lightest full format scanner worldwide.

Within the transport case the total weight is just below 28 kg!
Image Plates for vets - standard and dental
Image Plates

The CR 35 VETwin is characterized by high flexibility in use of any imaging plate formats (intraoral and extraoral) to a width of 35 cm.

Full body image plates size 18 x 24 cm to
35 x 43 cm. Dental image plates and cassettes in all standard sizes S0–S4 and Special IPs, including rabbit-formats.

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Technical data

Resolution Dual-Focus technology
12.5 μm (40 LP/mm) and 50 μm (10 LP/mm)
Grey level resolution 16 bit, 65.536 grey levels
Dimensions (H x W x D) 40 x 37 x 47 cm
15.8" x 14.6" x 18.5"
Weight 17.5 kg / 38.6 lbs
28 kg / 62 lbs (including transport case)
Electrical 100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz, < 140 W
Temperature range 10 to 35 °C
50 to 95 °F
Noise Level < 39 dB(A)
Laser Class extern I (EN 60825-1: 1994-03 + A1: 2002-07 + A2: 2001-03) + CFR 1040.10
PC connection Ethernet (TCP-IP protocol), WLAN
Display 4.3“ LCD - Touch
Storage SDHC, max 32 GB
Software DÜRR MEDICAL Vet-Examplus
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