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PACS functionality

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DÜRR MEDICAL’s software philosophy

DÜRR MEDICAL’s software philosophy
Even in digital imaging, the entire process chain from generation to display is important. For a perfect result, all sub-components must have been optimally adapted to each other.

It can rapidly lead to unsatisfactory results if e.g. the X-ray system is outdated or defective or does not simply suit the acquisition technique.

It is a similar case with the software; however here, the effect of restricted quality is often noticeable much faster.

DÜRR MEDICAL therefore banks fully on in-house development and programming. With its team of specialists, DÜRR MEDICAL ensures that optimal filters are always used for every image and that the software can be used intuitively and logically.

We attach special importance to perfectly supporting the efficiency of DÜRR MEDICAL systems, be it CR or DR.

Why DÜRR MEDICAL software

ALL-IN-ONE concept
DÜRR MEDICAL has perfectly adapted the entire software, at all stages, to the devices manufactured by DÜRR MEDICAL itself. For instance, the image optimisation filters always work in line with the selected device and do not usually require any adjustment.

ALL-IN-ONE concept

Vet-Examplus offers the entire spectrum of image acquisition right from diagnosis and report to the archiving of old data!

But that’s not all! Both variants of Vet-Examplus also offer you the option of importing still images of a video source from an imaging system besides the usual functions such as image enhancement fi lter and measurement functions.

You can also generate individual diagnosis reports with images, aftercare tips and suggestions for products from your own practice shop in next to no time.

The PACS alternative

With Vet-Examplus, you get a high-performance database that saves all your image data centrally and you can check the data and the case information at any work station of the practice.

There is also an archiving function, with which all requirements of a high-performance software packet are fulfi lled.

Integration into your practice

With the software’s integration into your practice management, you experience considerable increase in your productivity and customer satisfaction.

You can find an updated list of all integrated suppliers here.

The software offers a patient data interface, with which you can comfortably execute your X-ray jobs. Vet-Examplus can be integrated into your current practice management system as the image viewing solution for your treatment or consulting room.
Suitable solution for every case - Vet-Exam


Integration into different practice management programs is possible without any problems. You can find an updated list of all integrated suppliers here.
Universal interface
Linking of CR and DR is a matter of course just like the import from other media, e.g. from ultrasound devices.
Export your images into different formats and send them e.g. via email.
When exporting images into different formats, the high-performance Vet-Examplus Viewer can also be exported along.


PACS functionality
The PACS functionality is already integrated into Vet-Examplus. Save the investment in an external PACS solution! Really ALL-IN-ONE!
You need memory space, but don’t want to delete old data? Then simply use the integrated archiving function. This always guarantees a quick and safe access to the archived data.
You want to take a photo or an image from the ultrasound device or camera? Not a problem with Vet-Examplus. Really ALL-IN-ONE!


HD measurement
Vet-Exam Screen HD measurement

The standard packet of Vet-Examplus includes the HD measurement function as well as a whole range of other tools.
Individual fi ltering
Vet-Exam Screen individual fi ltering<

Individual filters are applied automatically depending on object types; also, the user can any time optimise these further.
Vet-Exam Screen intraoral

Dental charts of all common animals can be selected through clear and easily understandable pictograms.
Vet-Exam Screen Report-Generator

Generate comprehensively illustrated treatment reports, give aftercare tips and also advertise for your practice shop in next to no time.


DICOM patient CD
The DICOM patient CD function is included in the standard packet of Vet-Examplus. With a few clicks, you get to the patient CD including a highperformance viewer.
The DICOM Send functionality is optionally available. This is required only if you want to link Vet-Examplus with external programmes.
The DICOM Print functionality is optionally available. For all, who want to print on DICOM printers.
DICOM Worklist
The DICOM Worklist functionality is optionally available. With this, communication with external programmes is guaranteed any time.
Screenshot - Vet-Exam plus
Vet-Exam plus

Select the desired examination object easily and quickly through anatomy pictograms.

Even still images from cameras or ultrasound devices can be easily integrated.