European Veterinary Dentistry Congress (EVDS) in Lisbon, Portugal

DÜRR MEDICAL sponsored this event the second time

DÜRR MEDICAL participated the second time on the EVDS congress, which was accompanied by an exhibition. The EVDS hosted 360 experts form 26 nations. DÜRR Medical demonstrated its excellent CR product line:

- the CR 43 VET a cassette type equipment with excellent resolution results

- the CR 35 VET the all-rounder in CR, suitable for image plates sizes from 35 X 43 cm up to smallest dental dimensions of “Size 0”, operable by batteries and thus fully mobile and finally

- the CR 7 VET, a scanner that was designed for intraoral exposures, which distinguish oneself by highest resolution and image quality

During this event, DÜRR MEDICAL presented the first time so called “rabbit plates”, image plates that are specially shaped to better fit into the mouth of gnawers.

DÜRR MEDICAL demonstrated as well special plate for intraoral examination on dogs and horses, which shall facilitate the operation of the system. Those plates are developed in close cooperation with the EVDS Diplomats, experts in their field to which DÜRR MEDICAL thanks for their cooperation.