What is CR Technology? How does it work?

Computer radiography (CR) is the digital replacement of conventional X-ray films, but at the same time, it offers huge advantages.

The CR technology works in 3 steps.

The Image Plate (IP) is exposed with a regular X-ray generator, which causes the IP phosphoric layer within the plate to store the X-ray image. During the reading process of the plate in the scanner, a focussed laser beam triggers the release of the stored X-ray image data in the form of visible light. The emitted light is detected and captured, then converted into electrical signals which are digitized and finally displayed as digital images on the monitor of the asso-ciated computer. The internal eraser purges the residual data from the IP, which is then ready for the next exposure.

The digital image can be used directly by other users and can be archived easily. Consumables are almost eliminated and the time to image is reduced considerably.

CR Technology. Good as film, but much more than that.

Why CR Technology of DÜRR MEDICAL?

The DÜRR patented PCS technology delivers brilliant and high resolution images with 65,536 grey levels (16 bits dynamics range). All scanners combine the best mobility, robust design and highest resolution for all applications of an innovative veterinary practice.

The scanner can be used for mobile and stationary work. Perfect results are always guaranteed.